We are Specialized in Degenerative Diseases (Avascular Necrosis)

AVN/ Avascular Necrosis is the death or degeneration of bone due to lack of blood supply. Common causes which leads to this condition includes any kind of trauma to the affected bone or regular, prolonged usage of cortico steroid drugs for some other medical conditions. Most affected age group is between 20-50 and the most affected area includes hip, knee and shoulder joint. Symptoms of AVN has different stages. In the initial stage patient may not experience pain but as disease progresses pain starts which may become severe later. As disease become chronic complete joint collapse occurs which is associated with features like limping. In modern medicine only solution for this condition is surgery. But Ayurveda can offer effective conservative management. Team of doctors in Ayush have vast experience in managing AVN and have developed specialized  treatment procedures to arrest further progression of disease and to regenerate the tiissues involved  . In Ayurveda AVN can be considered as Asthi kshaya.  Experiences shows that seeking Ayurvedic treatment immediately after diagnosis will get better and sustained results.