We are Specialized in Depression

Ayurveda provides a safe treatment for depression, anxiety, and stress. Ayurveda will help in relieving sleep deprivation and improves moods.

While sadness for a short while can be extremely excruciating at times, Depression is a mental health concern that influences your feelings. The person feels upset for reasons often unknown to the conscious mind.

Management for depression is possible and at Ayush we offer the holistic Ayurvedic approach. Ayurveda focuses on helping improve the overall health by balancing the three doshas (tridoshas), namely - vata, pitta and kapha.

Some factors which might trigger depression:

  • Genetics: A person with a family history of depression may have increased chances.
  • Abuse and Trauma: History of sexual or physical abuse can cause vulnerability & PTSD.
  • Substance Abuse: Alcohol, drugs etc which affect the chemical balance of the body.
  • Illnesses: people suffering from chronic illnesses may be prone to depression.
  • Other personal problems: Death and Personal loss.
  • Medication: some medications for example barbiturates, benzodiazepines etc have been linked to depression.
  • Sleep and Unhealthy Lifestyles: Loss of sleep or insomnia, unhealthy eating, lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyles.


No two people have the same symptoms of depression. Some of the more common signs & symptoms

  • Fatigue/ tiredness.
  • Loss of energy or not being able to do regular day-to-day work.
  • Helplessness/ dissatisfaction/ low self-esteem.
  • Physical pains like headache, stomach ache, etc.
  • Sleeping disorders like insomnia or over-sleeping.
  • Unusual appetite which includes overeating or under-eating.
  • Withdrawal from society.
  • Suicidal tendencies.
  • Irritability, anxiety, agitation and anger.

At Ayush, we offer a comprehensive depression treatment which includes internal herbal medicines & supplements along with Panchakarma.  The treatment often includes daily yoga and meditation practices also. These help reduce the level of stress hormones in the brain, and help establish a healthy mental state. In addition also helping enhance the cognitive abilities of a person. improve memory and concentration and sleeping patterns.