First branch of Dr Sudarsan's Ayush Ayurveda, now open in Pune, Maharashtra



A journey  that started  from the  banks of Bharata Puzha, where the hoary  traditions of Veda and Ayurveda commingle, is entering an important  second  stage of its development. 
Dr.Sudarsan's Ayush Ayurveda  Hospital is being  established in Pune ,the heartland  of Maratta culture. It is a journey of  holistic  healing  and caring  from the Kerala river  bank to the heights of Sahya mountain.
The age old tenets of Ayurveda developed by the ancient  Rishis assure  the maintenance of normal  body  rhythms and a healthy  mind in a  healthy  body through its universal holistic approach of healing. 
Dr.Sudarsan's  Ayush  Ayurveda  Hospital in Chinchidi Mahalakshmi Residency opens  its portals to the people of  Pune on 30th  December 2022 and guarantees  their  wellbeing through the traditional  scientific art of healing .