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God's Own County,Karkidakam and Ayurveda

God's Own County,Karkidakam and Ayurveda

Kerala is famously termed as “Gods Own Country”.

Ayurveda and its contribution to “Gods Own Country”
  1. Apart from the beautiful coast-lands, lush and green vegetation, mesmerizing backwaters all around, over the centuries Kerala has witnessed the development    of a health care science like Ayurveda which has helped in managing various disease conditions thus improving life span and longevity of people.
  2. Of late, this has been supplemented by the high literacy rate and good healthcare system. The state of Kerala occupies top positions on these indicators when comparing to the other states of India.
  3. Upto a point as of now, it has been established beyond doubt that Kerala can be considered a true and authentic hub for Ayurveda and allied treatments. It’s evident from the sheer number of people visiting Kerala on an yearly basis for such treatments.  
  4. Health is Wealth and those who live in a place where wellness does have a place in its roots, its indeed Gods Own Country.  
We are witnessing a transformational shift in Ayurvedic System of Medicine with its roots dating back to 1300 BC, thanks to the people who devoted their life to this science and its development.

Nowadays, taking matters further or the next level, Ayurveda keeping its rich tradition and heritage is making use of modern technology to better understand the disease helping the patients for faster recovery times. The modern technologies which assist can range from laboratory tests to MRI Scans.

The origin of the word Karkidaka

It’s a Zodiac sign according to Malayalam Calendar and it’s its origins have been attributed to the shape of a Crab Fish as it resembles the same. It is the time (during the months July to August) when Sun traverses through the path of this sign as per the Malayalam Calendar.

A bit of history
  1. The months of June, July and August are normally marked by heavy rains in Kerala. (Meteorological statistcs shows around 1700 mm on an average YOY).
  2. In the months of June, July and August during earlier day’s people used to have a lot of drought and famine since they were totally dependent on agriculture for a living.
  3. Hence this time of the year was marked by acute scarcity of food and people used to call it “panchamasa” or the month where there was an acute shortage of food to eat.
  4. It was also the time for the onset of diseases due to unfavorable climatic conditions.  
  5. During those days Physicians (Vaidyas as they were called in early days) developed treatments in Ayurveda to prevent onslaught of such disease conditions and it came to be called as Karkidaka Chikitsa or Monsoon Treatment.  
  6. These times also witnessed people praying to the Gods to prevent nature’s fury. Times have changed and so have the prayers, but some traditions continue to be followed why it is also called a month of chanting prayers to God or Ramayana Masa.  
Seasons of the year as per the Indian calendar

5.Autumn(Sarath) ,
6.Fall(Hemantham) .

Each of these seasons consists  of two months duration.

Now let's talk about the seasons and how it affects your body.
  1. During spring, monsoon and autumn the body accumulates all those which are harmful or which can lead to lowering the immunity. So, to remain healthy and fit these have to be expelled from the body .This can be accomplished by Ayurveda Treatments following dietary habits which are suitable for the particular season.
  2. The best time to expel body waste is about the end of 7 days of each particular season and the beginning of 7 days of the start of the next season, so in total 14 days. This is called seasonal routine in Ayurveda (the best time to expel unwanted wastes from your body to remain healthy)
So where does Karkidakam fit in?

It can be observed that Karkidakam starts from mid of July and lasts upto the end of August when we match it with the seasons of the year.

Then why Karkidaka treatment alone is talked about a lot?

Karkidakam has its unique importance.
  1. During Karikdakam the Monsoons are at its peak in Kerala. It’s a time when the body is experiencing a state of sudden decrease in temperature due to the prevailing atmospheric temperature after a very hot summer season.As Karkidakam a progress, the body is prone to many diseases due to lack of sunlight during the day and associated adverse conditions.
  2. This vulnerability results in inbalance of activities that controls your digestion, metabolism (how well you break down foods), and certain hormones that are linked to your appetite, or pitta dosha as it’s called in Ayurveda.
  3. At the same time, the pores in human body will be open due to the prevalence of moist climate and the body becomes more receptive to Ayurveda treatment and medicines.  

Are the treatments during other seasons also important?

Yes it is, but not as vital as during the Karkidaka time of the year. It is in Karkidaka that all Thridoshas (Vata, Pitha and Kapha) aggravate in our body. Pitta Dosha will be more dominant. Ayurveda treatments help to flush out the impurities and manage the Thridoshas.

Treatments, Medicines and Duration
  1. The treatment can consist of a combination of Oil Therapy massages and or medicines. It depends upon the particular patient and condition. A qualified and experienced Ayurveda practitioner can guide you with the treatment schedule.
  2. Karkidaka Kanji or Oushada Kanji is an integral part of Karkidaka Treatment. It is rice porridge with 24 medicinal herbs. These herbs aid during Karkidaka to revitalize the human body. Karkidaka Kanji is prepared using Njavara rice, unique rice found only in Kerala. It also has a lot of medicinal value.
  3. We at Ayush Ayurveda Hospital are well equipped to administer the treatments under the guidance of Dr.Sudarsanan Nair who is our chief doctor and panchakarma specialist. The oil therapies administered under a strict panchakarma regimen play a major role in Karkidaka Treatments for longevity and wellness.

  1. The term Gods Own Country has been attributed to Kerala not only by the beautiful and picturesque landscape of Kerala. Over the years, Ayurveda and its associated sciences have played an important role to keep up that name.
  2. Karkidaka Treatment is vital as thridoshas aggerviate during the time of the year(July to August)
  3. Karkidaka Treatments are to be administered as per a detailed Panchakarma regimen under the strict supervision of an experienced and qualified Ayurvedic practitioner.
  4. Along with oil massages and / medicines, Karkidaka Kanji serves as an integral part of Karkidaka treatments.
  5. The main aim of Karkidaka treatments are to flush out the impurities accumulated in the body over the course of time and help rejuvenate and recharge the body.

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